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Picking Tips

  • Our field attendants, wearing red "strawberry Patch" t-shirts will assign you a row to pick.

  • Red berries taste the best! Pick all in your row and don't leave little ones. They taste great, too.

  • Pick the berries by pinching the stem, twisting and pulling gently. Place the berries gently in your basket, but don't overfill

  • Don't miss any ripe berries. Some of the best berries like to hide. Part the leaves and look underneath to find all the luscious berries.

  • Pick only in the row assigned to you. We have flags to mark the rows. Move the flag with you to let others know where you finish and where the next picker can start.

  • Please don't step on or cut through the rows of berries; no one likes squished berries.

  • If you are not finding enough berries in your row, ask the field attendant to help you find a better place to pick.

  • Please, when you get home and have finished eating all your berries, come see us again for a fresh supply.

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